Project dissappeared right after saving

ToonBoom Studio 8.1

I was stupid and didn’t save my project frequently when working on it. I had done about 20-30 rough frames and I quit the program, of course clicking “Yes” in the “Would you like to save changes in [project]?” pop-up. I look to open the project, seconds later, just to check on it, and it’s all gone. It’s not in the “Open Recent” projects. There is no .tbp in the folders, even though it has created “Scene-001”, “Sound” and “Templates” folders, so clearly there was SOME reaction to me pressing save. But still no project.

Thinking it may for some weird reason have been because I didn’t save it “properly”, I made a new project, made some scribbles, and saved in the same way I saved the project that I lost. Worked like a charm, it’s right there in my folders and in “Open Recent” projects. Is this some kinda glitch? Is my computer possessed? I’m so confused right now.

And I’m feelin’ a lil’ bit o’ the ol’ grumpyness comin’ on.

Screenshot 2015-06-25 01.09.58.png