Programatically open a scene

Is there way with script to open a scene in Harmony without having to actually go through the File->Open UI?

Working in the network version of Harmony.

Yes, trying to write a script to basically open a scene, do some work, then save a version.

Can’t seem to find anything in the scripting api to open a scene. I suppose to save a version I’d use:


Hey Lilly,

Thanks for the input. It “almost” works for my situation.

I’m running Controlcenter from the command line:

Controlcenter - runScript foo.qsa

Where foo.qsa would be some thing like:

Unfortunately the 'scene" object is not initialized yet, so it errors out.

I suppose you can open a scene from the command line. I’m guessing you could write some kind of a script that can be executed from the command line. Are you working with Standalone?


You can use:

scene.closeSceneAndOpen(“env”, “job”, “scene”, “version”);

version can be an empty string “”, it will be the current version

Hope this helps!


Sorry for the late response but I found out that you can’t run the close scene and open from the Controlcentre. But you can start stage from the command line in the same way and run it through there. Like this:

Stage -script ‘scripting commands’ Env Job Scene Version

Hope this helps!