Program similar to toon boom drawing

Hey guys I really love toon booms drawing style. Especially that if you draw two lines crossing eachother you can simply delete the lines sticking out. Now I am an after effects expert and really dont have the time to learn animating in toon boom.

So do you guys know of any program for drawing that has that same feature? I really wanna animate in after effects. Or is there any way to export to ai from toon boom, but as far as I know there isnt a way. Or is that possible in illustrator? maybe some kind of plugin?

Thanks for your help

Hi sodiac750,

the current supported vector export formats are PDF and SWF.
You should be able to open PDF files with Illustrator and then save them as AI files.

A lot of people seem to prefer the SVG vector format as their common interchange format.
Here is one current PDF->SVG conversion work around using Illustrator as the third party conversion software.

I think you should be able to easily adapt this method to create your AI files.

On the other hand, After Effects is able to handle SWF files. So you could perhaps try using this format instead.



Thanks for your help!

Hey sodiac750,

If you have After Effects, is it safe to assume you also have Illustrator also? Illustrator has this feature now, called the Shaper Tool which is like using the Cutter Tool with the gesture option in Harmony.

Here is a short video showing the Shaper Tool:

Hey, that’s good to know. Thanks a lot.

The new Shaper Tool is a great addition to Illustrator but I also recommend the Astute Graphics plugins for Illustrator. DynamicSketch, VectorScribe, InkScribe are all very deep and really super-charge Illustrator.

They may be pricey, but they do offer good sales/discounts from time to time. There is one plugin that is free and it is called SubScribe. Every Illustrator user should at least download and install that, it has some very cool tools that make life easier.

I use some of Astutes plug in and they are very handy.