Program shuts down when starting projects

I recently got the MAC Heist pack ToonBoom, and I had no issues installing the program, but the problem that I have is that it when it loads up, if I try to open a project (new or not) the program immediately stops responding and then shuts down. My friend who also downloaded the same thing has it working just fine on her computer. I spent a good bit of last night looking around for solutions and sent a note to the support team (but I dont think i’ll hear back from them). I wanted to see if anyone else was having the same problem or if they knew how to fix it.

If you are using Windows, try change the rederer type from OpenGL to Direct3D or vise version depending on current setting. You can access this to welcome screen>Preferences>Display. And then close and reopen Toon Boom Studio. Your video card may adopt different renderer type.