Program freezes when trying to draw

I’m currently running Toon Boom Harmony Advanced 14.0 on a Cintiq Companion with windows 10. Just recently I’ve had an issue where every time I try and draw a line the program freezes for a few seconds before resuming, either with or without the line applied. The rest of the program is responsive as always ie. making new frames and changing settings but the second I try and draw anything it dies. I’ve reinstalled toonboom and updated both windows and the wacom driver to no prevail
I am seriously falling behind on a production and any suggestions would be appreciated. If I can’t fix this in a week or two I’ll just have to cut my losses and try learn another program

Thanks for the suggestion but that didn’t work either. I’l just have to contact support when I can

Have you tried and had any luck contacting Toon Boom Support?

You say “recently” …have you ever been able to draw without this problem? IOW, is this something that did not originally exist which has appeared after a period when everything worked as expected?

I’m the exact same, reverted back to v12 and the problem was solved for about a week but now the lag problem is occurring in v12.

I was hoping I could solve it myself but I guess I’ll have to give them a call, though I won’t be able to call them until Tuesday due to the public holiday. I’ve been using Harmony for over a year now and have only had this problem now. And I can still draw using all my other software

Contact support to have a look.

If you’re on Windows with an Intel graphic card,
be aware that a recent Windows update messed
with the graphic card drivers of the Intel graphic
cards. Try uninstalling/re-installing the graphic
card driver to fix the problem.

I’m having the same exact issue on the same exact device.

What’s angering me is that photoshop works without a problem and only toonboom harmony is having this issue. So while maybe the windows update may have messed with the graphics drivers, other programs aren’t having this issue…

I’ll be contacting support and if nothing can be done to fix this that’ll be all I give Toon Boom ever again.

Why can’t tech support fix our problem on here? Hopefully it’s not because you guys don’t have an answer…

Fixed it!

I downloaded the latest Intel graphics drivers (from May 23 2017) and I also updated my toonboom harmony from 14.0.0 to 14.0.1 and now the pencil tool and drawing is back to fluid and instant response.

Thank you to the representative on here who turned me on to the tip of the Intel graphics driver. Not sure which of the two was the fix, but if you’ve came here trying to fix this problem, do both!

Happy customer again :slight_smile: