Program crashes when I load a recent project.

Past few days, I’ve been doing tweening work on a storyboard using Animate 3. When I close the program, and bring it back, it won’t load my recent files- the program instantly crashes at this point. I’ve even tried saving multiple versions of the file just in case that worked.
I’m using Microsoft Windows Pro 7 for my OS, and it seems to just be THIS ONE PROJECT that’s getting this treatment- previous works I can access with no problem.
Any help getting back on the job with this project? I really don’t want to lose the work I’ve done already twice.

This could be due to almost anything but two common causes are…

  • Moving a project folder or file while the project is open; avoid doing this.

  • Special characters or symbols in the project name or folder path where the project is stored. Only a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” are safe for naming.

You should contact support to have a look at your project and/or computer.