Profile keeps getting wiped out

For some reason, my profile info keeps getting wiped out here on the forum, my display id, my signature, my avatar… and my post count (I have been on here since the beginning of 2012 and posted many times yet it keeps showing 0 posts). Anyone else having this problem?

They are aware, but I think they aren’t bothering to fix it because sometime (soon?) a new forum is being rolled out.

Oh that’s good, YaBB is 10 years old and unsupported :slight_smile:

I see it happened again… I’ll just let it be, I guess, until they can upgrade their forum software.

I find it frustrating too because there are a lot of posters like you will appear to have zero posts and yet have made signifcant contributions to this forum. Post count is a way of letting other users know you have been around a little while.

Hell, I’m a software engineer in my “day job”, I’d setup new forums for them… for a free copy of Harmony Standalone :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! Thanks Lilly!

The work here is already done, we’re just waiting for the go-ahead, as there will be several different changes that will all happen at the same time. I’ll let you guys know when the change is going to happen!