Product registration screen

Can I disable the product registration screen? I bought Animate online and so it is automatically registered. Even if I click the “Register Later” or “Never Register” buttons it still keeps appearing and it is becoming rather annoying.

(Running on Mac OS X 10.5.8)


Hi willt,
Have you entered the activation code you were sent when you downloaded Animate? The code has been automatically registered to your ‘user accont’ at Toon Boom, but it still needs to be entered when you first launch the application. The code needs to be sent to Toon Boom’s server for verification.

Quote from an email I received when I bought Animate Pro:

“The product code provided here is required for activation. During the first launch process you will be prompted for it. Please keep this code in a safe place for future use.

Please note that if you have purchased Toon Boom Animate Pro from our online store your product code has automatically been registered to your Toon Boom account and can be found on the My Products page.”

Thanks, but yes, I’ve already entered my code. That pesky screen just won’t go away.

When you installed and when you run the software, are you running it under an administrative account? It’s possible that if you don’t run it under an administrative account, it might not be able to save the information regarding the “Don’t Register”.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks, that was the issue (should of thought of that myself, doh!) I ran it as administrator and it saved the preference successfully.


Excellent, glad your issue was solved.

Toon Boom Support