process or effect which allows to animate line on a static shot.


I don’t know what is the name for it in english but I would like to know how i can animate a “fixed frames” with subtle vibration effect. in others words a process which allows to make a animation line on a static shot.

Is there an effect in harmony ? Or I have to make it frame by frame ?

Sorry for my bad english.

You can do a moving hold by using a Refract module with a moving matte level like in the image below. You can see in that image that I created a simple character and then a simple matte with just black dots. I put a blur module under the matte so that it has values of gray because the Refract works best with a range of gray values in the matte. I then put a random movement on the matte as you can see in the Pos-X function curve. I could have created multiple mattes slightly different but this way it’s fast to do.In the Refract I changed from the default Intensity value of 10 to 4 so it wouldn’t deform to much the lines. In the Refract is where you can change the amount of distortion (also with the blur and size of the dots of the matte).I put my random movement on one’s but you could put it on two’s or more to slow it down.
You can see a quick example of the effect here:

You can see a quick example of the effect here:

Thank you, it’s exactly what I want. I am going to try that.

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