Process.execute script ERROR

If I use Process.execute(“MyExe.exe”) function on a script (on Harmony 11.1.0(9746)), it opens MyExe.exe twice for no reason.
Is that a bug? How is the best way to report this bug to Toonboom?


It was my Avast Antivirus, once I turned it off it stopped.

okay… :smiley:

any more information?
or post your script to here?
I use Harmony, too.

It´s just that… I mean, if I just put this line, it is already given me 2 openings of windows.



One thing I notice is that the first time it runs it doesn’t return to Toonboom. It waits for the second time to get stdout back to Toonboom.

I used this a lot in Harmony 10 and never had this problem. That smells like a bug? Or could be something in my machine? like a anti-virus?