Problems with XP-Pen 22 HD Tablet

I just installed Toon Boom Harmony Advanced and am having issues using my tablet with it.

I use an XP-Pen 22 HD; which is a relatively new tablet so I doubt many people own this particular tablet and use Toon Boom. But hopefully I get lucky and someone can help me out.

So the problem I’m having is initially when I press the pen down and drag across the screen, nothing happens. As I lift the pen it acts as though it’s still pressed and draws everywhere as I hover the pen over the screen. Pressing down again does not reset it and changing to the mouse still acts like its pressed down until I click with the mouse. The tablet acts this way throughout the software, i.e. I click on the timeline and acts like a permanently click and drag, until I use the mouse again. It goes without saying that I can’t tell if pressure is working because it just sees a constant full press, but I doubt it’s working either. Been using this tablet in other things for months, so I know it works in general.

I’m looking through other tablet fixes now to see if I find something that works.

Other potentially important information.
Newest available tablet drivers are installed.
On a win10 64x
Multi-monitor setup.
Nvidia GTX 760

Any help or tip?

Alright, little update.

Restarted pc a few times, changed nothing and the ‘sticking’ seems to have stopped. But was replaced by alignment issues which related to my multi-monitor setup. On the plus side pressure sensitivity was working; yay. Disabling monitors fixed the alignment but I kinda wanna keep those cause I use them and all. Did some digging on related problems other people have had and found some solutions to fixing the alignment without disabling screens. Putting it in windows 7 (and 8 I think) compatibility mode fixed it; but at the cost of pressure sensitivity; boo.

So problem is closer to being fixed, but not quite yet.
I can either have proper alignment and pressure sensitivity, but no multi-monitors;
Or multi-monitors and alignment, but no pressure sensitivity.

Update #2
Disabled compatibility stuff previously mentioned and the alignment seemed to be fixed without it; but now no pressure regardless of compatibility or monitors. Uninstalled and reinstalled tablet drivers twice, with no change. Uninstalled and reinstalled Toon Boom Harmony Advanced, no change; re-enabled comparability mode and “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”, no change. Uninstalled Toon Boom again, making sure to delete my settings this time, followed by a registry clean, reinstalled, comparability mode, run as admin, the DIP thing, the works… still nothing.

So I spent some time flicking around options here and there and eventually ran the program without running as admin. And wouldn’t you know it, pressure works again!
Reactivated my other screens and then problems again, off center again.

So what I’ve learned so far.
Run as admin can fix the alignment at the cost of pressure.
Pressure and alignment work fine as long as you don’t run as admin or use more then one screen.

I’d like to point out this semi-relevant video showing similar problems on another tablet. The screen toggle trick does not work for me.

I am having the same exact problem …just got an xp pen tablet over the weekend.
Did you ever get any resolution?

Normally the way to fix tablet issues is to uninstall ALL tablet drivers and
tablet preference files on the computer. Then reboot and install the latest
driver. Use the tablet utility to make your new preferences.

On Windows it can be difficult to find them all so do separate word searches
for tablet and wacom. If you still have these issue after doing that, contact
support to have a look on your system.