problems with undo

I’m using Toon boom animate pro 2, and today while working, the undo function stopped working. I tried to restart the program and the computer but it doesnt fix it. Any idea? Also how do i reduce the number of undo? Thank you

You can reduce/increase the number of undo’s in the “Preferences”. Since I’m currently not at home where I have Animate Pro, I can’t tell you specifically in which tab.

Also, did your undo shortcut (for example, CTRL+Z) stop working, or the overall button?

Thanks for your reply. I tried to undo with CTRL+Z and the overall button but none seemed to work. I couldnt find anywhere to reduce the numbers of undo in “Preferences” Can you please help me? Thank you.

Do you remember what you were doing right before the Undo stopped functioning?

Is it solved if you quit and restart the Application?

Every option in the software should be “closed off” at the end with an Undo command, so if there’s an operation that isn’t closed off properly it could cause an undo problem. But it’s a little hard to identify what’s not properly closed when it breaks because whatever doesn’t undo properly won’t show up in your undo stack (when you click the triangle next to the undo button).

I’d recommend that if this happens, do a save as so that you don’t write over your original project, then try to quit and reopen. You can see whether it’s faster to open the previous project and redo what you were doing or to open your new project and erase what you had done manually.