Problems with transform tool

Dear all,

I have a problem with transform tool and its selection range around the actual objects.
After importing psd file containing different layers of previously scanned in drawn body-parts, I did scale them into a smaller size. If the various manipulation tools consider the actual size visible on the screen of given object then the transform tool when I need to move the object keeps its selection field outside the work field or frame of whats going to be visible in the render view. Since some of the objects like feet and hand get relatively small if compared to the whole frame (work-field) there is a need to zoom in the object to work on it comfortably, but to be able to animate the object with transform tool I’m forced to zoom out which makes it impossible to animate. I would appreciate if you could suggest any solution to this.(How to make the selection of transform tool only around the actual object -body part and not way out of the work field)

Here are the screenshots to illustrate the difference and problem (select tool-OK, transform tool- NOT OK)

Best regards and thanks in advance,


Hi Lilly,

Thank you for the answer it was helpful.

I was importing and vectorizing, but as Grey.



If you import without vectorizing, then it takes the whole size of the image for your Transform tool.

If, instead, you import and Vectorize as Colour, it will clamp down on the image around where the drawing is. Then you can just reposition your pivot points and off you go.