Problems with the brush tool

hello (sorry if my english isnt so good, im from Colombia)

my problem is this: when i use the toon boom harmony Essentials and i try to draw something with the brush tool it is very slow, like 2 or 4 seconds of difference between which i draw in my graphic tablet and appear the stroke on the laptop.

my graphic tablet its a Wacom intuos comic and my Laptop is a HP Pavilion with windows 10 (64 bits), 16 gb of memory RAM and a AMD A10-9700P Radeon R6, 10 computer Core 4C+6G 1,80 GHz

Please someone help me

The usual suspect is the driver.

Are you certain you have installed the latest driver?

Drivers included with peripherals are frequently outdated by the time you purchase and are ready to install them.

yeah… and the same problem happened with a genius mousepen i608x graphic tablet

i will try the drivers