I am having many problems with the text tool. The biggest problem is
text not showing up when I export to quicktime or DV. When I export,
the text shows up sometimes; seemingly at random. I can export the same scene twice (making no changes to the file or settings) and the text shows up only one time. This wouldn’t be a problem except I am stringing 50-60 scenes together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on Mac OSX TBSv3.


what do you mean by ‘not showing up’?
is this the transparency problem?
if not, it could be the scene depth setting (3d space). if you move the text element a bit in the direction of the camera (top view) it should be then visible. the text element may be ‘sinking’ too deep into the background layer.
just an idea.

I am using text on a sign in the background, for instance. I apply the text onto drawing in the drawing window (the drawing of a sign). Black letters, on a white background, for example. Then when I play back, the letters on the sign may or may not appear.

I hesitate to try using the text as a separate layer, because when I use text, and try quick playback (or Flash), my TBS crashes; I can only check on imy progress when I export to quicktime.



We had the same problem, when exported, the text did not render.
This is what we did to fix it…
Select the text layer from the Exposure Sheet.
In the properties panel (on the right) make sure the TYPE is set to NORMAL.
Ours was set to background, which made it behind all the other layers when rendered.

Hope this helps.