problems with sending group model to template library

hi, I got some basic troubles with sending the recently created group module to the template library and to store it there. When I want to drag and pull it from the netzwork view and send it to the templat library, it disapears anywhere on the network view and cant be brogt to any other view.<br />When I tried to sore the master ped as a template from the timeline, it also wasnt shown there.
I asked my informatic to check the capcity of the video card and he told me that there is no probleme with my computer, he suposed a general problem with the program.
I als had problems with extending the timeline, the system broke down several times and it was not possible to extend the timeline on the timeline-view, I had to do it on the x-sheet.
If there is a general problem with my toonboom digitar pro software, what can be the solution, could there be a problem with the key, or what else could be te problem?
I really am in the need to get halp, I stopped work for about 4 days now and didn`t get any information from the support center yet.


Make sure to post this in the appropriate forum. You will have better luck getting this answered if it is a sent in the right place.

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