Problems with Second Render Please Help - Hallo?

My first render to MOV came out fine but then there were a few adjustments I wanted to make so I did a second render. This time around something strange is happening. In the animation my bird character flies from behind a bush and lands on a branch and when I go into render view the bird is behind the bush as expected, but the exported render has him flying in front of the bush for some reason! I haven’t adjusted anything with the bird or the settings as far as I know so not sure why it changes when exporting.

Also I have a motion blur attached to the bird which came out on the original render. Same thing again where the quick render shows the blur but after exporting the motion blur is not shown. I need to get this animation rendered asap so if anybody knows what is going on I would fully appreciate it. Thanks.

EDIT: The motion blur is kind of showing. The character has a trail but the character itself is not blurring like it did before.

You can always pull out a second cable from the bird going into the blur node
and use both together. If the bird disappears it may be that the blur value is
set too high.

Thanks for the response. It’s not too high, it’s just the same as it was before and I am still confused as to why it’s changed the layering only in the exported movie and nowhere else. Driving me nuts!