problems with saving and crashes of TB SB Pro2

Hi I am using Storyboard Pro 2 on a brand new Packard Bell iMedia s3810 with 3Gb of ram and 64 bit OS.I have found that the program is prone to freezing or suddenly giving me notice that the program is about to close or has stopped working. There is no opportunity given to save any drawing that has been created since the last time I auto saved. I have found that even when I use the Ctrl S keyboard shortcut or click on the save button, when it is working properly, it does not actually save. It will only save if I go to the file menu and select save.I have been using the basic Storyboard v1.5 for about a year and I do not have this problem with that version. In the basic version there are several features that I found really useful that seem to be absent in the new pro version. Unless they are something I could add in, but I cannot work out how.I loved having a button on the side bar to turn on and off the back-light feature, which is great when you want to trace a model that you have brought in as a jpeg, to keep characters on model. There was also a button for importing a bitmap as a layer. Now in SB pro2 I have to go up to the drop-down menu to select these features, which is a pain when you are up against a deadline.I also miss that in the basic 1.5 version I could have a pan or a zoom in one panel, then copy the panel and draw a new pose and eliminate the camera move on that panel and carry on the scene in other panels as a static composition. In SB pro v2 if I reset the camera in later panels it also eliminates tham in the previous ones. This even happens if I add a new blank panel. I have to start a new scene if I want to retain the camera move but continue the remaining shots as a static shot.I also have been struggling with creating an animatic in SB Pro2, from a storyboard that I created in SB v 1.5. I find that camera moves do weird things. Is this because the basic version creates moves for printing rather than for movies? Can I insert a hold on a composition before the camera moves? Or can I have a camera move with a hold at the end, or both? I find that the camera sometimes appears to do moves smoothly when I scrub the timeline but it will freeze or do strange accelerations,m changes of direction and glitches etc when I try to playback, output to QuickTime or test the movie.I also find that sometimes the playback sticks on a particular frame even when scrubbing through the timeline. The image is strange because I can see the levels of the image I should be looking at down the side of the big image and the thumbnails show the correct panel but the main playback screen is frozen on a previous image.What am I doing wrong? I am running out of hair to pull out.I was up until 1:30 this morning, working last night, I was trying to output a 2 minute Quick Time test. It crashed six times before I got it to work.I would appreciate any input I can get.Thanks Gary

Hi Gary,

For the freezing and the crashes I recommend to write an email to What is the graphics card on that machine? Make sure that your machine has one of the recommended graphics cards (NVidia or ATI) because Intel integrated graphics cards are known to have had performance issues with OpenGL.

I hope I can help you with some of your usage questions however.

1) Save Ctrl+S - for me this works. When you email mention this so that they can double-check for you. Is it just that it’s not popping a saving progress dialog I wonder?

2) Backlight button - let me double-check on this one. I believe it was removed only because they wanted to simplify the program as much as possible for Storyboard artists. I can let them know that this is an option that you actually use.

3) Import Images, Light table buttons - for these I would suggest that you go to Edit > Preferences and assign shortcuts for these.

4) Camera moves. It is in fact easier to do in the new version what you were doing in the old version - you just have to understand how the new camera works. Instead of having a camera limited to the beginning and end of a panel, now you can have a camera move that spans several panels within a scene, or where the camera move takes place only during a portion of a panel.

For example, if you want to have a pan or zoom and then have it be static, you would simply select your camera tool and add a keyframe to the beginning of the panel, then you would go to another point further along the panel and insert a keyframe at the current frame. Then you would move the camera from the first keyframe to the second, and it would be static from the second keyframe onwards.

Just be aware that now what happens is that keyframe lasts for the whole scene. So when doing camera moves like this, let’s say that you want to do the camera move only on panel 1, and you want panels 2 and 3 to retain their position. Then what you should do is make sure that before you move the camera, you put a keyframe at the beginning of panel 2 to hold that panel in place.

Once you get used to it, the new camera is MUCH more flexible. You no longer need to copy and paste panels, you can do it all on one panel, and you can have as many camera moves as you want on that panel.

Doing a reset camera will indeed eliminate any animation that has been done in that scene.

If you want to have a hold at either the beginning or the end of the panel, then you would simply create a keyframe at the beginning of the panel, a keyframe at the end of the panel, then two keyframes on the middle. If you’re used to working the old way, then make sure that you put a keyframe at the end of the previous panel and at the beginning of the next panel to hold those ones still while you work on the current panel.

Then move the keyframes in the middle to be how you want to. Select your first middle keyframe and copy that to the start keyframe for that panel. Then copy the end middle keyframe and copy that to the last keyframe in the panel.

5) Quicktime Export. Are you working with a scene with a lot of bitmap images in it? These bitmap images will slow down the render and take up memory - I wonder if this is what could be causing the problem. Probably best to mention this one also when you write in to

Hope some of that helped, anyway!!