Problems with plugin

Good evening.
I have installed on my notebook app Animate Toon Boom Pro 2. However, I found that tab does not appear module libarary 02 plugins:
- Brightness, contrast
- Sparkle
I wonder if there was any problem in time to install plugins or is it separate?

I look back,


The Brightness-Contrast and Sparkle plugins should automatically install along with the software. You said that you can’t see the Plugins tab at all? If you click on the “All Modules” tab, do you see the plugins here?

Toon Boom Support

Hi, not really in the Modules, I will try to reinstall the application. Anything, I return here to learn how to solve, if you continue with the problem.

The program continues with the same problem, did not install plugins!
I downloaded the program again, installed again and nothing! No plugins. I do not know but what I can do!
My OS is Windows 7 basic, no aero!

Did you install the PLE version of Animate Pro by any chance? If this is the case, then the plugins will be disabled in the PLE version.

I notice that you have opened a ticket with the support department. If you can verify that you have purchased the software then they can continue to assist you from there.

Toon Boom Support