Problems With Pivot Points When Rotating Character


So I’m attempting to change the pivot points of various parts of my character as I rotate it. I’m following a tutorial on Youtube, and I’m pretty certain I’m doing it correctly. However, when I move the pivot, it moves on every keyframe rather than just the one. I have ‘all keyframes mode’ turned off, as well as ‘snap keyframe’ turned off in my preferences. Any suggestions?

Same here. I know which tutorials you’re talking about - Stylus Rumble’s excellent series :wink: I can’t figure out how to move the peg by “animating it” like Tracy does without a) permanently moving the peg on all keyframes or b) moving the body part with the peg. Tracy mentions she “moves the peg by clicking the middle mouse button” in the Fairy Rig Part 3 video but no matter what I do I can’t get it to work for me. Is it a setting I need to activate? Is it a combination of keys with the mouse? This is why I’ve always used drawings as pegs in the past - so I can rig a turnaround with different pivot point locations. Please Tracy, tell us your secret!