problems with paste special

I’m finding it really hard to work out what I’m doing wrong with the paste special feature. I have followed the example in the user guide about making a ‘blink symbol’ but I can’t get it to work. When I drag my symbol to the timeline (on an already existing layer) and hold down the apple key (working on a mac) the paste special dialog box does not open. So I use the shortcut instead, and when the paste special box opens I type ‘3’ in the cycle box but it only ever has one cycle in the timeline? I’m confused ??? How can I get my symbol to cycle more than once. I don’t want to have to keep copying and pasting…

In Mac you have to hold the key down and hold the mouse for a little while in the timeline. It’ll show you’re able to drop the paste special there in a second or so. Not sure why. I was also a bit confused. Sure its not ALT that you hold though? I think its ALT that you hold before you drop it?

I’d read the GETTING STARTED guide. The thing confused me too, with the skateboard and dropping it with paste special? The wording’s a bit dodge, at least to me it confused me for a bit. I thought I had to hold down APPLE + ALT at the same time. But I think you hold down ALT while you’re dragging it, wait a second or so in the layers in the timeline to show you it can add it, and then you do it.