Problems with my images


This should be a very stupid questions for you but I’m just starting with TonnBoom.

When I import an image of a toon for exemple.
It is always in a white background.
So I can not put an image on another one.

I have an image of the body and another one with a leg.

How can I put this white background in transparent ?

Thanks in advance



Maybe I’m on the good way…
I try to import a picture and not an image.

But now my picture is in black and white.

How can I do to import it in color ?



Are you just importing a jpg or tif or some other image format? If so it should work in colour by default.

On the exposure sheet, are you doing this: Element > New > Image (or the "add image element in the exposure sheet) Then right click in one of the image cells and “import images”?

This should just import your images in colour, not black and white.


Thanks for this reponse.

But this doesn’t solve my problem.
If I do like you say, I will have an image in color but in a white ‘square’ background.
For exemple, if I import a picture of an arm, I will have this arm in color but with the famous white background and it won’t be possible to put on a body.

And if I import this arm as drawing, I will have the arm without the white background as I want but it will be only in black.

Greatings from Belgium


Well, save the parts of the body as tifs for example with alpha channels, then the white background wont show. Just use anything to keeps an alpha channel, that tb supports. Hope that helsp then,


Hi mikiburger,

Make sure you are using a image format with an alpha channel and not a transparency path.

Try using PNG/TGA or Tiff with Millions of Color+ as a depth. The plus represent the alpha channel.

e.g. The Gif format use tranparency and not a real alpha channel so tranprent gif will come with a white background.

Then import it in a image element in TBS you will see that it is working.

If not please sen us more info on the file you are trying to import and also from which software you are generating that file. I’m sure we can sort this out.