Problems with licence

I recently re-formatted my computer. I installed Toon Boom. But now I can’t use my licence, even though it is still active. What can I do to solve this problem?

What exactly is happening?

What type of license do you have (perpetual or subscription)?


If the license was still installed on your computer before you re-formatted the computer then our license server is still thinking it’s installed ‘there’
Please contact if that’s the case.


does this mean that I need to reactivate my licence?

I think they have to give you a ‘new’ one and deactivate the old on their side-
but you need to contact support so they its you/its legit. I had a similar problem when my windows C hard drive failed and had to reinstall.

This happened me also. And now have to wait answer. I think this just frustrating and useless waste of time for people who just pay and want to use software. And for people who use illegal copies, surely find their ways.