Problems with Library

Hello there,

I’m suddenly having big problems with my library. When I save templates into it a thumbnail no longer comes up (though my old templates still display one). I’ve tried to right-click and “Generate Thumbnails,” but though a progress bar comes up it just goes away again and nothing happens.

Further, when I save a multi-frame template and then try to use it again, it shows in my timeline as if it were a transformation, with an arrow and keyframes at the beginning and end, even though the original didn’t have any. (And “Transform” is not “on.”) Even worse, the previous frames on that layer go blank too?!

I am making the templates by selecting the required frames in the timeline, then dragging them into the (unlocked) library. I have tried restarting my computer, but no luck.

Any ideas? Thank you for your help!

Thanks so much for answering back!

I’m using Animate.

When I right-click and select Edit Template, it’s weird, there isn’t anything in my main window to edit, however the “Drawing Substitution” box in the library shows the image?! (Wait, just tried deleting the keyframe that appeared, and now it shows up fine.)

Since posting I’ve discovered a few more things, though not a solution. It looks like keyframes are being put in when I copy from the library to the timeline, which is perhaps normal, but my camera view is blank, and makes previous drawings in that layer blank, until I delete the keyframes. Then suddenly the image comes back, and all the images before that?! And I noticed that in the drawing view the image is actually there the whole time.

About the second issue of thumbnails, today I made some more templates and the first two have thumbnails, but not the others. I checked the source folders and thumbnails were created for all of them, but they’re blank thumbnails.

I’m wondering if I inadvertently changed a setting somewhere, or if I should uninstall and resinstall Toon Boom?

Thank you so much for your help.

Thank you for getting back to me, Lily.

It’s the weirdest thing… now new templates I create are back to normal again. I’m wondering if my computer is just getting old and crazy.

But just in case this happens again… I’ve looked but I’m not sure which slider you’re referring to?

Thank you!

Are you using Animate or Animate Pro?

When you save templates by dragging and dropping the frames from the Timeline, it saves only those drawings that are selected. If you have any blank exposure there, then it won’t save all the drawings from that drawing layer, only the ones that are exposed.

I’m guessing this isn’t your problem though. I’m trying to think of how you could save some drawings into your library but have the content disappear, and I can’t think of one.

If you right-click on the template and do an Edit Template, do you see the drawings in the template? Is the exposure there but the drawings are empty?


Well, if you do an Edit Template, and it shows that there’s no exposure turned on, but you see the drawing in the library, then it probably means that it wasn’t exposed when you created the template. So expose the drawing by dragging on the slider, and then save your template, and now it should be fine.

The thumbnail should also show up now, since the thumbnail shows what’s exposed.


In your Library view, when you click on a drawing layer, you should see a thumbnail of the current drawing. There’s a slider until the thumbnail that you can drag to change the exposure of the drawing on the current frame.