Problems with H.264

Hi there,

I’m entering the contest, and have played around a bit with Toon Boom Animate PRO PLE, to get to know the program a little better.

So far so good. However, when I export using the H.264 codec, I get an error and it wont export. I’ve never had any problems exporting with H.264 in other programs and Toon Boom Studio. This error only happens with Animate PRO PLE.

I did try export with no compression and it worked fine. Then from Quicktime (outside Animate PRO) I exported again with the H.264 codec, and it worked fine.

So basically my question is, is this allowed? To use Quicktime to export to the correct codec, since for the contest we are only allowed to use Toon Boom software.

I think it should be ok right? since exporting to Quicktime from within Animate PRO PLE, it is using QT sofware to do it…

But if not allowed, please let me know. And if not, BUMMER!! I cant enter then :’(



Try this:
When exporting out of Animate…
In the Standard Video Compression Settings / H.264 /
set the Radio-Button for “Key Frames” to “All” and export again…


Hi Nolan…

Such a simple thing and it worked…

Thanks mate.

I’ll post this onto the MOS forum for others