problems with downloaded fonts

hi, iv’e been trying to use a downloaded font in my project. i downloaded a font i like (a truetype font from here ) i downloaded the windows version, unzipped it to my desktop, read the readme, placed the file into my windows/fonts folder and then the trouble starts. i had originally had a random word in my project, i selected it an then selected the new font from my list (i had to reboot TBS for it to find the new font) it changed to the new font no problem. but if i try to right click anywhere in the exposure sheet on the drawing element which contains the new font, or if i mouse over the menu items at the top of TBS, when i get to “element” the program crashes to the desktop.

even if i managed to change the font back to a standard font, delete to new font out of my windows/fonts folder, it will still crash until i manage to somehow select that element (usually thru the timeline if i can change views without a crash) and delete the whole element. then it is back to normal. i have tried several fonts, they all work ok with microsoft word. i have also tried rebooting my comp after pasting the new font into my fonts folder.

this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened, it has happened with drawings i have done and i just have to keep reopening the program and trying to change things or delete things without the program crashing, so that i can continue without it crashing every time i click on its element.

im using TBS 3.068, windows xp w/sp2, 3100+ 64bit cpu, 1 gig ram, 100 gig free space in HDD

thanks for your time…


Make sure to download the latest version of Toon Boom Studio v3.0 (should be v3.0.1.084). I know we have encountered the issue in the past and have fixed it but am not sure if it was done for V3.0.1 or v3.5. In any case this case has been addressed in the latest version of Toon Boom Studio and you should have have any difficulties loading any font anymore.

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thank you so much

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