Problems with cut out animation...

I have my character imported as a drawing and have properly colored him. It seem i am having trouble cuting out my body parts and pasting them on new peg elements. It never lets me past them. What am i doing wrong?


Are you sure your focus is on the drawing window when you try to paste? To be sure, click on the drawing window then paste by right clicking and selecting paste drawing object in the popup (control click if you’re mac).

If that doesn’t solve it, a little more info about what you’re doing might help me think of something.

Good luck.


Just to make sure, you can’t paste artwork on a peg. You need to create an other drawing elements. While preparing your cut out animation characters, you don’t really need pegs, I suggest you use the Exposure Sheet and Drawing view to cut your character, then when you have all pieces in separated drawing elements, go to the timeline, select them all (select the first, hold shift, select the last) then click the attach parent peg button to create a peg for every element.

Also, as mamerocks87 said, make sure the focus is on the drawing view when pasting.