Problems with activating my toon boom harmony pro... Please help!!

I have been using the trial version of toom boom harmony and just when I started to enjoy the program I decided to invest in a monthly subscription.I have been paying the subscription for the past two months but seem to be unable to access the full service. I have attached a statement proving my payment & would appreciate your guidance & response as soon as possible.

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Callum Sparks

In what way do you mean you are unable to access the full service? Do you mean there are features missing? Or do you mean you are still using a trial version? Did you receive a serial to register? Which version of Harmony are you using? More info please.


sorry i was a bit vague in my earlier post. I am using toon boom Harmony 12 premium.
i am no longer using the the trial version, as it just says that i need to activate the program but i have not received an activation code.

What exactly did you do?

My memory suffers from sleep deprivation however I believe when I upgraded I received a link in my user account and downloaded a different file.

The code is where the link is in your user account.

Go to My Downloads in your account.

Eveything above and I’d also check that I’ve been receiving receipts from your monthly payments to Toon Boom. Do a search in your email and look for any sort of confirmation of your subscription. If you can’t find an email, receipt, or if you have no details of your subsciption in your user account then I would contact Toon Boom sales.

If you’re working with a subscription you should access the license by logging in, not by inserting a key. I don’t think there’s a key for subscriptions, but I guess there might be different options. When you’re prompted to validate your license you should insert your log-in data for Toon Boom.

Check if this link helps:
Do you get that screen? Otherwise open your License Wizard. How to Start the License Wizard:

Luis Canau