Problems with 3.5.1

I am using a Mac in the 10.3.9 operating system.

I was using v 3.5 fine.

Then I updated to v 3.5.1 and I am suddenly having problems. Now, I can’t use the program without it locking up and giving me the spinning Mac beach ball.

I am not doing that extensive of a project. One element, that is all and the program does nothing.

I am going to trash the preference file and see if that works.

I am wondering if I need to go back down to v 3.5, if so, how do I do that?

Also, is the fact that I am in the Panther Operating System and NOT Tiger part of the problem? I thought I could use this program in Panther?

I have 1 GB of memory, 8000 mhz processor. I know that is ancient, but witn v 2.5, I made a 78 minute feature film!

Any help or ideas would be great…

I am just drawing characters right now. I plan to get a new computer when I begin my next project. This isn’t that big of a deal, I just want to make sure I can use the program I paid for?


Evan Jacobs

Well, I am using 3.5.1 build 99 since it came out on my iMac G4 with less
RAM and processor power, but with OSX 10.4.8 (Tiger), and Toon Boom Studio
is working beautifully, no problems at all.

Please have a look at the “System Requirements” Toon Boom is recommending for 3.5.1.



Well, when I bought 3.5, I made it clear to the technical people that I was upgrading from 2.5 and that I was in Panther.

Nobody said anything about having to be in Tiger but I probably should have read the specs closer.

Anyway, it appears that until I get into Tiger, I can’t use 3.5.1. I thought maybe I could use 3.5 which seemed to be working fine.

I went to the downloads page and the only thing I can download it seems is version 3.5.1. or 1.2.1.

Since I still have 2.5, I am going to work in that for now as I draw some characters. Then I will bring those into 3.5.1 when I get into Tiger.

Sadly, that won’t be until I get my Intel Mac.

I am considering dumping 3.5.1 off my computer for the time being, my question is… will v2.5 work with Quicktime 7.1.3 as far as exporting DV streams and the like?


Evan Jacobs

Totally your decision not to upgrade your OSX but without 10.4.X you are pretty much going to have to stop using anyones software updates not just Toon Boom particularly if they are issued for Universal compatibility. 10.3.9 was supposed to work with Universal apps but our experience is that you can’t rely on that working. Some do work but most don’t. It is a bummer. -JK

Hi Evan,

Could you contact support for this issue. We will provide you a previous build of the software so you can start working again. Simply send the e-mail to

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Hello, folks. I haven’t seen this topic before, so I hope I’m not duplicating.

I am trying the Express version of TB Studio, running Windows XP on a PC. I got the trial version of Studio running without experiencing this issue, but with Express, my drawing toolbar does not give me adequate “arrow” options in order to choose the various functionality for each button. For example, the Selector Tool button displays in the toolbar as it should, but the little arrow next to it that would allow me to select the Contour Editor is not functional.

Yes, I can work around by simply going Tools / Drawing Tools and then choosing the tool I need. This is a lot more time consuming than using the toolbar, however, and this lack of functionality is in effect rendering the toolbar useless.

Has anyone experienced this before?



This has never actually happened to me (you might want to raise your screen resolution) but in any case you should be able to scroll in between the tools under 1 tool group (lets say select/contour editor/select all/perspective) by simply using the number shortcuts (1,2,3,4,5,6…). Basically how it works is that whenever that you press on 1 it will select the first group of tool. Then if you have a tool from that group selected it will pick the next one in the list and so on.

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OK, I’ve got the hang of this now. Thanks.