problems when storing templates and thumbnails

I got several troubles doing my first steps on digital pro, I prepeared a puppet using the cut out technics, and the first problem was extening the timeline.
It was almost impossible to move the yellow bars and it happened several time that the computer broke down. the drawing got lost.
The solution was to do the timelines extension on the x-sheet, but when I had created a group model and wanted to store it in the template library, opening a new folder, it was not possible to drag the group model to the right field where it should be stored. the group model disapeared in the network view but could not been pulled out of the network view.
I tried to pull the first keyframe of the master peg to the library where it caused another collapse of the computer.
I repeated this once again, it apeared finally but when I let the system create the thumbnails, it started to calculate, after a second or so, the window disappeared and nothing was stored. Repeating all this another time, the computer collapsed again.
I am quite sure that I did everythink correctly until the moment when I tried to store the template.
Later I discverd that the whole puppet and the and the timeline was gone, what remained was a group model which didn`t contain any informations anymore.
I am totally confused, is there anybody who can give me some informations?


Make sure to post this in the Digital Pro forum to avoid confusion.

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