Problems to add a Camera

this happened a few times with me

im working on a scene, the actions are ok, and i creat a camera
and then a PEG layer,
i work on the camera movement, with no problems

for some reason, i decided to make a new camera movement
and i deleted the camera and peg layer

but when im gonna create a new one, nothing happens

why this is happening? whats going wrong?


Go to scene → Camera, then select the camera you created.

thanks TheRaider

Can you tell me what is this for?
on my actual scene it appeared Camera Camera_1 Camera_2

It basically means you can have multiple cameras.

You need to go and delete the ones you don’t want. I think you didn’t delete some correctly, since only 1 camera shows in the timeline in standard.

I use it the pro version for stereoscopic camera’s. But yeah I just figured this was your problem.

Basically it meant you had 3 camera objects floating around. I am guessing you kept clicking the add camera button in frustration from it not appearing.


i get it

thanks to both!

You can have multiple cameras, but you can only have one camera active at a a time. You can only render from one camera at a time. That’s why you need to select the active camera if you have multiple cameras set up.