Problems since switching computers

The laptop I used for Toon Boom for a while broke, and I recently purchased a new one and transferred my license and files to it. However, I’m having two big problems since launching existing scenes for the first time.

First, pressing Enter in the timeline no longer plays out the scene preview. I know I can still press the play button at the top, but it’s a major inconvenience.

The bigger problem is each scene’s audio files. I checked, and each sound is still in both the file’s audio folder as well as the separate folder I imported them from, but in the actual file, though they still are items on the timeline, there seems to be no file there. Is there an easy way to fix this? It’s going to take an eternity to put every audio file back again and mix them up perfectly with the existing lip sync.

And now, not only is the Enter key not working, but I tried making a new file and importing an MP3, and there was still no sound or waveform. Something’s seriously wrong. Please, if anyone has any advice, tell me. I can’t have this not work after all the time and money I’ve spent on it…

Okay, I did a little searching around and found that installing Quicktime on my new PC and restarting thankfully fixed the sound issue. Is there still a way to get Enter to play the preview again?

Yes, you can do it by going into the Preferences and from there to
the Shortcuts tab. In the “General” section, go to the bottom and
set the “Toggle Playback” to the Enter key

Thanks. I found it, but only changing the shortcut to Enter didn’t help. It still doesn’t play, and while I could see that the default key for playback is Shift+Return/Enter, I couldn’t find any way to change that.