Problems setting the Pivot Pionts

Hello , I’ m having a problem when setting the pivot points in my character:
I have a a front view character drawn in layer 1, rigged and the pivots are set properly.
I have in layer 2 the 3/4 view of my character. Everytime I try to set a pivot , the drawing in that specific layer moves and I am unable to set the pivot properly.
What can I do to avoid this ?

do you have animation on the body part or moved it around with the animate tool?

Thank you , problem solved!!! :slight_smile:

I was doing the micro nudging with the animate botton on, so it created keyframes and that was the problem…

If the drawing is moving when you set the pivot point, then it means that you have at some point put some transformations on that drawing. Do two things:

1) Select the cell and do a Reset from the Animation menu
2) Clear any keyframes you have (F7)

Now try to use your pivot tool again. Hopefully nothing will move.

In the future just beware that there’s a difference between the Select tool and the Transform tool. Make sure that you use only your SELECT tool when you’re making the initial drawings - only move on to the Transform tool when your rig is finished and you’re ready to start animating.