problems on camera view

I have scene with an inverted image on Camera View. In Drawing View looks good.

Please, help me.

Do you have a peg attached to your camera? Perhaps you flipped the camera in composite view or in the general camera view…
Have you tried rotating the camera in Animate mode back to normal?

Thanks Eric and Lilly:
the easy solution was in the camera view: layer properties/advanced/flip horizontal.
The drawing no change in drawing view.

Thanks so much.

Keep in mind that the Drawing view always shows the drawing without any transformations on it.

If you flipped the drawing in the Camera View, it would still show upright in the drawing view. Either the drawing is inheriting a flip from the parent layer, or you flipped the layer itself. If you flipped it with the Animate button on, it’ll have a keyframe on it and you can just clear out the keyframe. If you flipped it with the Animate button off, then it flipped the whole layer, so just turn the Animate button off again and flip it to get it back to normal.