Problems in node view

I am trying to learn how to rig a character and I have created a blank rig following the tutorials on toonboom harmony premium 15 on toonboom website. I am at the stage of drawing all my separate layers in and once I have drawn all my seperate hair parts I’m trying to move onto the face but it won’t deactivate my final hair later and when going onto my pupil/ eye/ brow which ever one, it still stays connected to the last hair layer. I have gone back over everything in the tutorial and can not figure out what I have done wrong. If anyone could help hat would be amazing.

Thank you

Hi Eleanor,

Would you articulate your problem more? Please add the link to the tutorial you are following with details of which stage you are at.
I am guessing that your character has a hair broken up into separate drawing layers and also you succeeded to make these parts?

It also suggests that these layers are not “connected”. What do you mean by “connected” in this context?
Do you mean, the two drawing layers- the final hair and the new facial part layer -are sharing the same drawings and therefore by changing one will affect the other?

Please check if the two drawing layers are actually independent from each other by check each layer’s property. Inside Drawing tab, their is a column called Drawing Path. If the name of the *.tvg file shown in this column are identical for the two layers, the 2 layers are reading from the same image file, so altering one will affect the other.

(Reference) Please look up Drawing Tab section:

To solve this problem, make sure you make a new drawing every time you start working on a new part for the rig.

To make an independent drawing layer by replicating an existing one, follow this step:

  1. Select the drawing layer then Ctrl(Win)/Cmd(Mac) + C.
  2. Bring up Paste Special dialogue using Ctrl(Win)/Cmd(Mac) + B.
  3. On the dialogue, turn Create New Columns option on, and then click OK.

(Reference) Paste Special dialogue: