problems in importing my SWF

Hallo ,
This is the message I get when I import my swf file from >File>import file>

The following features in the swf file are not supported
-(SWF tag FileAttributes)
-(SWF tag MetaData)
-(SWF tag DefineShape4)
-Clipping Layer (bit PlaceFlagHasClipDebth in tag PlaceObject2)

Wonder what can be wrong? Can anyone help

The swf import in Toon Boom Studio is designed to handle Flash files saved in an earlier format then the most current Flash Player versions. As a general rule files created for Flash players 8 or 9 or 10 will either not import or not completely import into TBS. It depends on what Flash features were included in the movie. Those error messages are a sign of unsupported features in the import. When publishing a Flash created movie from Flash itself just set it to publish to the Flash 6 or 7 player instead of one of the higher players and that will insure a cleaner import into TBS. -JK