Problems In Following Tutorials

Greetings Again,

I wish to thank everyone again for helping me in my brush tool blotches dilemma and my Toon Boom Templates question on yesterday, and now I need your assistance for a third time.

For about what seems like twelve hours straight, I have been unsuccessfully trying to follow two of the online video tutorials found here… .

Much of Friday, and all through the wee hours of Friday night, were spent in attempting to master the “Build a Template Library” tutorial. I finally gave up because I could not get the cut-out character, Der-Der, to jump or move his limbs. I could shift the whole body, but not body parts. The video makes it look so simple, but, I never managed to duplicate the feat.

After many frustrating hours of doing that, I then tried working with the “Animating Elements” tutorial with similar abysmal results. That is, the blotches I was experiencing with my mouse and my Wacom Pen tablet (while using the brush tool) were ever-present here when I placed the clip-art airplane in the work-window. But my greatest disappointment resulted because I could not get the transform tool to function properly, or at all. I could not create any key frames because every time I positioned the plane (with its blotches), my computer crashed while I waited for the key frame indicator to appear.

Maybe the blotches problem is preventing the key frame function from happening. If so, then, hopefully, the upcoming Toon Boom patch will resolve that problem, too.

The good news is that I executed the “Content Creation” tutorial with relative ease. I must say that with the three seemingly excellent tutorials I have attempted, the instructor assumes the student already knows a great deal. Even when I constantly paused and did freeze frame type operations, I still had trouble in following the steps. For example, after several hours, I finally noticed that I had to switch from the drawing view mode to the camera view mode. When I did discover that major point, there were no instructions as to how to do that. I did manage to figure it out, though. What assisted me greatly is the fact that I just happen to be familiar with other programs such as the art software, Painter IX, and yes, even Flash 8. By the way, so far I have had no problems at all in using either Flash 8 or Painter IX. Evidently, Toon Boom is somehow clashing with my computer and I cannot figure out why.

I wish to say again that I think the tutorials are otherwise excellent, and I have viewed all seven of them.

It is now daybreak Saturday morning and I have been up all night at this. Hopefully, someone in these forums can enlighten me ASAP as to what I am missing and will do so quickly.

In any event, may each of you have many blessings.

A. Landis Jones

Hi Landis,

Concerning the Build Template library, you should be able to select peg hierarchy if you are in Peg Only Mode. This can be triggered under Tool>Turn Peg Only Mode On. This should do the trick.

As for the second behavior, this is a bug that will be fixed in the upcoming patch. To solve this you will need to disable the Snap Last Keyframe function accessible under Tool>Snap Last Keyframe(must not be checked).

This should do the trick.

Best regards,



And thank you for your remedy as to my third Toon Boom dilemma. Yesterday, I finished the “Animating Workout” tutorial, which gave me the same transform tool problem I encountered with the “Animating Elements” tutorial. Your solution to disable the “Snap Last Key Frame” option worked very well in that tutorial, so, I suspect it will also work in other circumstances. I wonder, though, since the tutorial specifically advises us to keep it enabled, what is the advantage of even having it since Toon Boom works without it? Since the “Snap Last Key Frame” option was included for some reason, I suppose it has value. Obviously, I have no idea what it does or otherwise I would not be baffled right now.

Also, since I just finished the “Animating Workout” tutorial, I have not attempted your suggested solution to my dilemma in working with the “Build a Template Library” tutorial. However, I am sure your solution will work there, too.

Another minor thing - I thought we would be given step-by-step directions on how to draw and color backgrounds, characters, etc., when in reality we are given access to images already created for us with Photoshop. Does this mean that Toon Boom cannot do these things and that we will have to first go to Photoshop, Painter, Paint Shop Pro, or other like paint programs, even Flash?

I am not sure if this next issue is part of a problem the the new patch will fix, but while I was busy following the instructions, each time the tutorial said it was time to click “Enter” to preview, activate and test the animation in progress, I got the following error message:

"An error occurred in QuickTime while preparing the movie for playback. Please refer to the Readme for more information."

Since I could not test my animation in progress that way, I merely worked around it by clicking the “Play” button.

All in all, it was an excellent tutorial, despite the fact it took me more like 1-1/2 days to complete rather than the 1-1/2 hours the tutorial said it should take. I must say, though, that when I bought the tutorial, I was under the false expectation that it was composed of two 1-1/2 hour video tutorials. It was only after I downloaded it that I discovered that it had PDF files and that I was supposed to complete each section in 1-1/2 hours.

In any event, thank you again for the solutions and as usual, may you have many blessings.

A. Landis Jones

the message advises to look into the readme file and it was meant this way. the readme file contains the information about how to change the quicktime player settings to enable the preview.

Have you previously downloaded the Quick Start tutorials? If not you may need to download them HERE

Once you have downloaded them, you need to “unzip” them and then they will be accessible. Then all you do is from the TBS menu select File>Open and go to the directory where you saved the tutorials and then go to Lesson1 Drawing folder then Drawing Rough folder and open the project called Drawing Rough.

Please ask additional questions if you need additional help, we are glad to assist. -JK