Problems importing vector graphics: PDF, eps, svg

I’ve recently been using to create some vector-based graphics from photographs. It works really well - simple to use and much better than the result from the “Vectorize import” that Toonboom seems to have.

The problem is that Toonboom doesn’t seem to import .eps or .svg files.
Q.Anyone know if Toonboom plans to support these formats (soon)?

The other file format I can create is .PDF. ToonBoom “seems” to import these files ok but it shows no image in the Library > Preview window. The PDF images look fine when opened in Acrobat Reader 8.

Q. Is there a “trick” to this?

Any insight at all would be helpful. Thanks

Well, I guess you’re talking about “Toon Boom Digital Pro” ?

I’m actually assuming that the vectorise import features of Studio 4 and Digital are basically the same. It looks that way from the feature list on the website. I original was testing out Studio 4 but the trial license ended before I had tested the import feature.

So, I ended up downloading ToonBoom Digital just to test the import feature. But I get the above problem.

I have Adobe Photoshop 7 and Adobe Reader 8 on my PC. The former cannot load the new PDF files I have from VectorMagic BUT Adobe Reader 8 opens them without problems.

My assumption is that ToonBoom makes use of an Adobe API/library in order to import the PDF file. In my case it use the DLL from the old Photoshop install - and so fails. Either that or ToonBoom uses an older PDF API/library that cannot handle PDF files that Adobe Reader 8 can handle.

Anyone from ToonBoom able to answer this?
Is there a way around this?

I really need to be able to import vector images!

Is there anyone from ToonBoom reading this forum and is able to help???


Actually we use the open source library for pdf import. This being said, in theory as long as the pdf is not a postscript encrypted it should import (unless it contains advanced features in which case the file may be partially imported).

In any case please send us the pdf file so we can analyse what is in it and see whether or not it should import.

Best regards,


Just sent two PDF files to support.

Hi Susan,

My colleague should be answering you shortly but in any case I should have noticed that you are using the trial before. The PLE version of Digital Pro does not have pdf import feature active. This is related to the fact that Digital Pro uses external pluggins to import pdf which are not supported on the trial. This being said the full version of Digital Pro supports this and both trial and full version of Studio will work as well.

Best regards,