Problems importing from Final Draft 7

I have Storyboard Pro 1.5 and I am trying to create a new storyboard using Final Draft 7. I make my script, open it in Tagger and export as XML. When I try to create a new SB with this file there are no elements listed in the menu, it’s entirely blank! No Action, Dialogue, Character, etc. Do I need to somehow define these in FD or what? When I make the original script, each element is defined as I work on it, there are Scene Headings, Character, Action, Dialogue, etc. But none of them show up when I import the Tagger generated XML file. How can I get this to work?

Thanks for the reply, Lily! I had gone over the tutorial you mention. It hadn’t mentioned about going through the entire script and tagging each and every dialogue, scene heading and action. Characters are already tagged although even those didn’t show up on the left.

It seems I also have to create categories for these (scene heading, dialogue, actions) as they are not in the default list. So that made me think they were automatically generated in the FD original script since you go through and have to specify each one as you do the script.

Then in Tagger, you have to create the tag, i.e., Action, select the text/element and tag it as an action. I tried this method and still got a blank list. Something is haywire somewhere or I am just not understanding the procedure.

At present, it is just easier to copy the whole text and paste it into the storyboard window and then copy and paste bit by bit in my storyboard, panel by panel.

Are you saying that when you Import from Final Draft you don’t see anything on the left hand side of the window? You need to have defined the tags within tagger, and then these tags will be available in the window.

Check out this from the Tips and Tricks section of the Storyboard website:


Best thing to do here is probably email so that they can help you to figure out what’s going on.