Problems drawing curves

I am using Toonboom Storyboard Pro 4.1 and am experiencing some problems drawing curves and circles with the brush option.

When I draw a curve, the first part of it is always straight and then curves. I’ve tried adjusting the various properties on my cintiq (which I’m testing before purchasing) but none seem to make any difference. I’ve also looked at the tutorials to see if there is any mention of this problem and how to resolve it, but it doesn’t mention it.

This is obviously affecting my work and how I draw as well as the speed and flow of my drawing.

I hope someone can suggest a cure!

Thank you


When you render the image, does it match what you see on screen?
If not then your graphic card is likely underpowered for what you are
asking it to do.

If the two images DO match, check the “Tool Properties” for the settings
of your brush/pencil tool, particularly the “smoothing” setting.