Problematic timeline clicking and scrubbing

Hey mates. Having some trouble on a growing project.
I’m clicking the timeline / frames / the playhead and it takes about 5 seconds to register the click and it’s really frustrating. Things get even worse when I use other nodes (like the cutter). It lags terribly and it’s almost unusable.

My gfx card is NVIDIA 1070Ti and my CPU is Intel 8700k, 32gb ram.

I’m saving a few instances of the scene and work on it incrementally to keep some load off, but it’s really frustrating.

I tried unchecking anti-aliasing and updating my gfx card, nothing still.

Using the drawing tools / resizing / just interacting with the art is flawless. Only when I try to manipulate frames / keyframes on the timeline does it freeze for a couple of seconds (every click).
Please… begging you for help.