hi, I just got started with toon boom but I don’t get why I have such a low resolution, I’ve seen several video tutorials where everything is as it should, smooth and stuff but I end up with this pixely annoying style on everything that happens

why and how to fix :’( using an older version,4

In TBS you have options regarding how you want your display to appear.
To adjust these to your liking, from the top menu, go to:

[Edit > Preferences > Display]

There you can play with the settings until it is right for you.
You can try the slider for example to move to better quality.
When you work in low quality it is just so that you do not tax your computer.

Please post your results. :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t help, I have my own problems. I’m halfway through a feature and when I try to have a quick review the system shuts down. I tried to export it in a movie file and it won’t?


How to you delete a file once you have completed a feature and exported it into a movie.

Thanks for any help,

Are there any tutoring classes one can attend? Live in Massachusetts.