Does DER DER have a missing arm on anyone out there, when you add a background before you add him?

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Regarding the problem with DER DER, the arm is not missing. We used the Z value of -.0x (-.03 I think) to create the left arm of der der. When you drag an element to the timeline, it has a 0 Z value by default. This is probably why you don’t see the arm, it’s hidden behind the background. It’s actually further back in the virtual 3D space.

They are many ways to fix this, I will explain some of them for you to understand all the possibilities.

Click on the background, go to the properties panel and put negative number for the z value. Your background need to be bigger then the camera size if you want to be able to move the background back or the camera left/right.

You can also use the side or top view to bring the background to the back. Or you could also click Der Der’s parent peg (the top level peg) and then use the side/top view to bring all DER DER in front.

You can also use the background properties on the background element to make sure it’s always to the back of other elements.
There is a “combo box” in the properties panel when the background element is selected. By default it is set to Normal. Click on it and select background. This is useful !

Hope that helps !


Thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile: