Problem with z position

I can’t really see what is going on in that picture. It isn’t possible to tell, because its a still image.
There have now been posted quite some suggestions on how to solve your problem .Move the arm in front of the body, add a patch on the sholder.
“Twist” the arm so its behind the sholder and in front of the body+++.
You can also try to add a mask to reveal the hidden arm but leave out the sholder.
I have made a short screen recording of how you can move the arm in front and not disturb the animation already done. I have not added a patch as that would hide what was going on.

Hope you find a solution to your problem.

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Here the earkier posted arm with a bottle. Now the arm in front of the body and a kind of patch in front of the shoulder joint.

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I would never hold a bottle like that!

Wow, Ivar thanks for all your help and all movies. It really helpes.
But finally i made it this way:
I duplicate the forearm peg with drawing. Moving it a little forward on top view. Than delete some lines on elbow. And finally cut it displays to the moment i want hand to be in front. I think that s finally it! :smiley:
Thanks again Ivar i wouldnt do this without your help and movies :slight_smile:
Especially this one:
I just found it on your channel. i dont know why i ddint notice it on the forum.

Anyway i hope its over, but i m sure i will have new problem soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is how my arm structure looks like now.

P-1 parts are in front of the P parts, and all is connected to drawing element/PEG (i need drawing element to copy pivots)

On the timeline you can see in what moment which parts are going to front.

This method dont ruin the patches, and look fine :smiley:

Here is the movie showing the methode working. I d be usefull for someone.

Pity, that the searcher dont work on the forum, cause it s take some time to solve this.

Thanks again Ivar and Lilly :slight_smile:

I am glad you made it and didn’t give up.
Watched your scene and the drawings looks great.


Is the hand on its own drawing layer? If so, then you can use the Transform tool to nudge the layer in space. Make sure the red outline (focus) is around the Camera view, then you can use Alt+Down arrow to move it in front, or Alt+Up arrow to move it behind.

If the hand is not on its own drawing layer, then you need to use the Arrange tools to move it in front.


I was going to reply with another technique, and actually I’m looking at posting some Tips and Tricks on the subject, but when the previous post looked like it had solved your query, I decided not to reply (I didn’t want to confuse the issue).

Usually in this case, we recommend that you duplicate the lower arm layer, and you put one in front of the body and one behind, and adjust the lines on each one. Then you can turn off the exposure on one, or turn it on the other, depending on whether the arm is in front or behind for those frames.

There are various different ways of accomplishing this, but that’s how to do it in a nutshell.