Problem with Z-Depth

??? Something weird’s going on…I’m working on my entry for the My Outer Space contest, and I have William Shatner on one layer, then the guy in the red shirt, Stitch, and ET on other layers. Red shirt, Stitch, and ET are all at the exact same Z-depth (-0.1 B), but for some odd reason, only Red Shirt is behind William, which is what I want. I can’t seem to nudge Stitch or ET back even .01, or they disappear behind the background, which is waaay in the back, like 5 B. Why might this be happening, and how can I fix it?

I’ve even tried moving William forward, but he just gets bigger, and Stitch and ET stay in front of him, though the Z depth shows them at 0. Huh?!?

I’m also noticing that as I play the movie, the Z-Depth on Stitch and ET tend to flicker to different numbers, on their own.

Here’s a screenshot of this weird thing.

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Are your character cut-out puppets? If yes, are their Composite module set as Pass-Through type?

This sounds like a Composite type issue.
In the User Guide, refer to the following section if you don’t know about Pass-through:

- Chapter 10: Building a Character Skeleton Optimization (PRO) > Changing the Composite Type (PRO) on page 453

If the Composite modules seem in order, could you post a screen shot of your Network please.



Excellent, it looks like the Composite Pass-Through was the problem after all. Thanks!

I’m still totally confused about the whole Network view thing; mine looks like a jumbled mess! I may have to read up on it a bit. :slight_smile:

I made a little tutorial on network view on my youtube channel which will get you started.

Network view is the single most awesome thing about pro.

There are also some effects that will flatten the image when they are applied, so beware of this. A screenshot of your network would definitely help.