Problem with Transform tool

I have Animate Pro 3 PLE, but can’t use it — Transform tool doesn’t work. I can select the tool by pressing the icon, and transform rectangle does appear on a drawing ,but when I’m trying to move , scale or rotate the drawing nothing happens. I just can’t do any manipulation with the object.

I have HP Media center with 2.8 Ggz Intel Dual core, Radeon X1650 and Win8. Did anyone run the same problem?


Generally this happens when you don’t have a supported Graphics card. In order to properly display and manipulate elements, we make use of OpenGL, and if OpenGL is not fully supported with your graphics card then you will need to upgrade your graphics card.


Thank you very much!

Generally we recommend the NVidia GeForce cards, they’re at a good price range and have excellent performance


Lilly, I’m seeing a good range of graphics cards. I’m having the same issue where I cannot use the transform tool. This is a bummer as I put some time into making this puppet only to see this error.

Will any Nvidia Opengl card work? Or do I need to look at the mid range to high end cards?

I’ve seen an Opengl card as low as 50 dollars, which is honestly in the range I’d like to keep it at.