Problem with transform tool

I can not see the handles of the tool of transformation, my system is windows xp, on the other machine works fine, all in xp, can you help?

Hi, I got the same problem as the thread starter. I can’t find the handles of the transformation tool. It used to work fine when my computer was running Windows XP. But I recently upgraded it to Windows 7. So, I have to install Toon Boom again. Unfortunately, I can’t see the handle anymore as everything else work fine. My computer got same hardware. I didn’t change anything but the OS. Please help.


What is the graphics card on your computer? Does the computer meet the system requirements?

Make sure that you update the graphics driver for your graphics card as well.


Usually when you upgrade to Windows 7 you need to update the graphics drivers for your graphics card. The old drivers won’t do the trick anymore. So go to the manufacturer’s website for the graphics card (NVidia or ATI) and download the appropriate drivers for Windows 7.

The other thing you can do is turn off the Aero theme on your desktop. Right-click and Personalize, then switch to a Basic theme.