Problem with Tone/Highlight at SWF export

in animate pro, when I export an SWF file the highlight and tone are visible in whole (the whole mattes are visible) and not only on the parts where they overlap with the drawing like they should. i don’t know about other effects. does anyone else have this problem?

Not all effects export to swf. I don’t use swf so I don’t know if tone/highlight are on the list or not, but it sounds like they aren’t from what you’re describing.

well in toon boom animate pro they are supported (many of them are) and the effect IS visible but, like I said, the matte is visible even outside the drawing object that it’s applied to (not the way it should)

The reason is that not all effects will export to SWF the same way that they show up in the program. This is because Flash deals with effects in a different way than we deal with ours. So if you want to export to SWF, you’ll need to manually clip your highlights and tones. After you export your SWF, if you click on the “Report” button, it gives you a warning telling you that you will see the matte outside the region of the drawing.