Problem with the Transform Tool


I’ve drawn out the arm of a character and positioned it on a seperate layer. When I try to rotate the arm using the Transform Tool during a gap of about 6 frames, instead of getting a smooth pivot which I have clearly rotated, I hit play and the arm goes all over the place, along with the blue circle pivot point. I’ve never had this problem before and I can’t seem to get round it. Any suggestions?

Looking forward to your replies =]

I think that you may find a clue to what you might be doing to cause this by reading this tutorial. -JK

Robert, Is the arm a child of a parent peg? I’ve had that kind of crazy thing happen, and when it did it was a matter of my having inadvertently applied rotation to the peg and the element at different points in the animation, instead of keeping the rotation within one timeline. I’ve made a hash of a couple things that way. ::slight_smile: