Problem with the presure sensitivity

I have a Intuos4 tablet. I have not pressure sensitivity in animation and animation Pro. My tablet work fine ( with presure sensibity in other graphic programs; Corel, Adobe, Toon Boom Studio…)
Regardless of the pressure that I make the line´s thickness is the same. ( the maximum value fixed in the tool properties of ANIMATION).

The eraser of the pen doesn´t work .It draw like the normal pen.

With an old graphire tablet it work fine. I have instaled the last wacom drivers.

What is the problem?

A list of programs that work fine ( with pressure sensitivity) with my intuos4 tablet that I have test:

Toon Boom Studio
Toon Boom Story board pro
Adobe photoshop cs3
Corel Sketchpad
Manga studio
Flipbook digicel

Finaly it work fine in Animation too. I don´t know why but now I have pressure sensitivity.

I desistaled all the drivers, aplications… unpleged tablet… Reinstaled all … reset system…and doesn´t worked fine.

Today morning I have pressure sensitivity.

A mystery

The key is reboot after uninstall the driver to refresh the preferences before install new driver. This also can be achieved by using tablet (wacom) preference file utility by clicking ‘remove all preferences files’ in case it happens again.